Visceral Therapy is a form of touch which brings attention to the position, tone and general state of the organs.

Our organs are composed differently than our muscular/ skeletal system. Some are hollow sacs, some are dense or highly fluid, and most have the ability to expand and contract. Accidents, falls and postural habits can place pressure on our organs, causing dysfunction and discomfort, surgeries and injuries can leave adhesions, and the physiology of trauma can cause patterns of constriction. Strong emotions are often expressed and felt in the gut and other organs. Visceral therapy, which is primarily light touch, can address these conditions and more. Our organ system also has a complex nerve network that refers information about our basic state of health and well being to the brain. Well functioning organs are the baseline regulation, ground up condition for calmness, the sense of being “me” and safe in one’s body.

Touch therapy is provided only with your consent and is done fully clothed.

Elements of Body-Based Therapy

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