Childhood Trauma

Our childhoods become a story which we tell ourselves over and over. Most of us remember events that were sad or unhappy. However, sometimes childhood trauma is the lack of attention, kindness or encouragement. The memory is a kind of absence or emptiness which is hard to escape. Sensing yourself through supportive touch and the nonverbal communication of a safe, constant person can begin to shift this memory to a more interactive, enlivened experience.

Physical Abuse

Being able to establish boundaries around touch is one of the first repairs of physical abuse. This could start with verbal discussion and / or experiencing your physical capability to move away or protect yourself. I work with physio balls and other props to help you regain balance, grounding and to experiment with defensive movement. Gentle touch to affected or injured areas may also be appropriate.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are a primary injury for most people. A car accident may be the first time you experience a broken bone, make a visit to the emergency room or have a prolonged recovery. A car accident is a compressed cascade of many single events that happen simultaneously or sequentially, but too fast for us to adequately respond. Even “small” accidents may evoke strong somatic defenses.  An essential part of the recovery is retracing the events from a early point in time, slowing and expanding the narrative in order to uncover choice points and reflexive movements. Manual therapy, in the form of light touch, may also be therapeutic for injuries.

Falls and Injuries

Falls and injuries literally lift us off of our feet and take our breath away. Much of the protocol for working with car accidents also applies to falls and injuries. Trauma work helps to reconstruct the narrative story, identify individual moments of stress or pain, and to insert the necessary choices, support and possible defenses for recovery.

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