Many of the symptoms that I work with are part of the pattern of trauma and somatic defense. They may exist independently or fluctuate as part of the dis-regulation of your nervous system. Some of the most common symptoms of trauma are described below:
(this is not a complete list.)

Chronic Pain

Dealing with chronic pain can create a confusing tangle of medications, as wells as conventional medicine and alternative healing treatments. I have established a protocol for the chronic pain client, coaching you to build a team of practitioners who communicate to coordinate your care.

Chronic pain can have an underlying cause or be exacerbated by stress, strain and bracing patterns and dis-regulation in the nervous system. The gentle, systematic touch of SE bodywork addresses these conditions. Movement screening also helps to identify lack of mobility or stablility.

Head & Neck Pain

I have over 20 years of treating head and neck pain, using therapeutic massage techniques and cranial sacral therapy.  Exploring breathing patterns can yield rich results in treating head and neck pain.  I will also help you work with your behavior around taking in sensory information, communication and posture, which can influence posture and muscle tone.


Migraine headaches can have a cluster of triggers and causes, requiring patient tracking and detective work. I work with clients to help them build a team of practitioners who will appreciate a multi-modality approach and who will communicate with each other for the client’s benefit. My contribution includes therapeutic work for the head, neck and shoulders, and exploration of breathing patterns. Another aspect of treatment is working with the client to recognize early symptoms of headaches, and developing methods of averting a migraine or reducing its intensity.

TMJ Problems

The temporomandibular joint is a delicate structure which is easily locked down or placed out of alignment by stress. Similar to working with head and neck pain, I approach this symptom through very gentle touch and conscious exploration of breathing patterns, posture and other behavior.

Back Pain

Chronic back pain is often complicated by bracing and compensation. I use SE bodywork, primarily supportive touch and restoration of breath, to work through the layers of complexity. Corrective movement, based on Pilates, is also used to teach you alignment and release of the lower back.


Fibromyalgia is a multi-faceted condition affecting the fluidity and elasticity of tissue. It responds well to coordinated treatment of medication, acupuncture, bodywork, nutrition and exercise. SE bodywork can make a major contribution to management and recovery of this condition with helping you to learn to rest and regulate your system at a comfortable, responsive baseline.


Similar to fibromyalgia, IBS is a complex condition that may require coordinated treatment. IBS is in part caused by fluctuations in the autonomic nervous system, firing the digestive system to over / and under respond to stimulation. SE bodywork can help you to anticipate cycles in this condition and teach regulation.

Sleep Problems 

Interrupted sleep and lack of sleep can lead to depression, anxiety, and can compound pain or other physical conditions. I approach sleep as a major component of self regulation. We will explore your sleep habits and history, along with using bodywork to help you relax comfortably and deeply.


Anxiety affects the body and mind and can lead to deepening symptoms and stress if not relieved. I work with anxiety on a cognitive level, along with bodywork, to help you identify early signs of anxiety and stress. Together, we will develop tools for you to tolerate stress in your body and how to redirect the building energy for lively and productive use.

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