SE and SE Bodywork

Physical Education and Building Interoception

Coming home to the body means inquiring into and building awareness of the range of our states and reactions, understanding of physiological function, and developing an ability to experience, interpret and respond to internal sensation and impulses. While we mostly experience our brain as thought in language, our physiology and physical body communicate to us in sensations of temperature, pressure, reflex, status and movement. I have three decades of education in Anatomy and Physiology and can help you understand, “What does this mean?”, and “What is this and what does it do?”

Eating Disorders and Addiction

Many people find good therapy to address the underlying emotional and psychological history which led to their eating disorder and addictions. Bodywork can help re-introduce you to your body and assist in re-establishing bodily regulation. Movement builds body confidence and helps establish a healthy body “map”.


To be at home in our body means to rely on our body as a safe container, a source of useful, pleasurable sensations and a body in a world of co-regulating (or not) bodies. Bodywork and SE can help you explore your baseline of pain, bracing, constriction, collapse, overwork and activation and other conditions. Once this baseline is revealed, trauma work and manual therapy can help you recover resilience, regulation with less effort and shifts in your self image.

Embodiment supports emotional regulation. Emotions are originated in the mind and the body, and felt in the body as pressure, temperature changes, the urge to move and express. If:

    • you have ideas about these sensations, positive or negative
    • the sensation feels too big or too intense “I can’t feel this because it will overwhelm me and never end”
    • you have ideas or a prior experience which tells you what happens next
    • the sensation reminds you of an unpleasant prior event or experience
    • you don’t know what the heck it is that you’re feeling

We can work together to “unpack” the physical sensations, behavior, memory and thoughts about your emotions in order that you can more easily accept, feel, identify and move through emotional moments. By unpacking the bundle of sensation and thought, your own basic self regulation will emerge. This will help you gain confidence that emotions can come and go, and that you have choices about how you experience and act on strong emotions.

Chronic Illness and Surgical Histories

Chronic illness and/ or a history of injury and surgery deplete the body and can leave a person at a plateau of “wellness”. The patient is told, by their doctor or physical therapist that they are functioning well enough to return to work and regular activities. Some patients may disagree, saying they do NOT feel like themselves. Trauma healing is often the next step, but beyond the resources and training of most medical professions. True trauma healing addresses the psychic and emotional toil of physical suffering as well as the physical symptoms. Clients report that SE helps them make sense of their condition in a new way, provides relief, and often brings brings them “home” in a way that they deeply longed for.

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