What to Expect

What to expect? The bodywork experience.

My bodywork sessions are grounded in the principles of safety, sensitivity and appropriate truth. All bodywork is done fully clothed, with your consent.

I have a massage table in my office as well as a sofa and chairs. All sessions begin with some conversation to let you “arrive” and orient to your current state and concerns. This time of engagement helps me to attune to your needs and goals. Usually we’ll move to the massage table after five to ten minutes. I also allow time at the end of the session to let you get up, orient and move around.

My Office

Welcome to my office. When you arrive, I’ll offer you water or tea, and invite you to look around. I have a comfortable setup where we can sit and talk.

Getting acquainted

Our first visit is about getting acquainted. It’s important to me to learn why you are here, and to answer you questions. Each time we meet, we’ll start with a brief check-in regarding what may have surfaced since your last treatment, and also to talk a moment and explore how you are now.


Your treatment is individual and unique. We may work seated, conversing, similar to a conventional therapy session. With your permission or request, we may transition to movement or work at the massage table. All work is done fully clothed.

Coming Soon!

Please check back for classes. Building an SE Practice – Finding your way.