About Ellen

My Background

I grew up in the Midwest and came to California to attend Stanford University. The beauty and cultural diversity of the Bay Area captured my heart. I studied American History, Land Use and Economics and went on to earn my masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning. This resulted in a happy 20 year career appraising coastal landholdings for open space acquisition, agriculture and development.

Yoga captured my attention early on, focusing my attention in a calming way and allowing a new ease and pleasure in my body. Continued studies in Yoga and movement stimulated questions about anatomy, which led to massage school and an active exploration of the art of bodywork. The addition of Somatic Experiencing gave new meaning to many of my questions and experiences and allowed me to see my own pain and injuries in an integrated, peaceful way.

My Philosophy

I believe that touch is inherent to healing. In our culture, people are under touched. My mission is to provide appropriate touch that is:

  • safe
  • supportive
  • listening
  • non-demanding
  • instructive and inquisitive
  • with good boundaries
My teachers, direct and from afar, continue to influence and inspire me. They have my gratitude for their insight, courage and fortitude. They include:

  • Amini and Wazir Peller
  • Steve Hoskinson
  • Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
  • Kathy Kain
  • Peter Levine
  • Thomas Myers
  • Noah Maze
  • Ales’ Urbanczic
My current studies include Functional Flow and Movement Screening with Dr. Steve and Robin Capobianco and Diane Heller’s DARe training in relational attachment and bonding.

It is my goal to cultivate kindness, open attention and attunement so as to invite your body to come forward, become known as a presence, and become your honored home.

Coming Soon!

Please check back for classes. Building an SE Practice – Finding your way.