What is bodywork, and why should I consider it?

If you have not recovered from an injury or event in your life, you may have trauma, or a set of physical and mental patterns that cause pain, fear, anxiety, and emotional upset. You may have tried to address your history in talk therapy, consulted physical therapists, chiropractors and medical doctors, or pursued a spiritual path to reduce your suffering. Perhaps you are very clear about what harmed or threatened you; or you may have an unending sense of unease with no particular cause.

Subconscious trauma patterns persist because the body and mind are working overtime on old memories trying to protect you from further harm. The brain has specific parts devoted to detecting stimulus, identifying threats and calculating protective responses. Bodywork, in the form of intentional light touch, can bypass the active logical brain, it’s negative bias, and speak directly to these parts of the nervous system that vigilantly search for threat and keep us on alert.

Bodywork for trauma is different from receiving conventional massage and other touch therapies. First and foremost, it is my responsibility to assist in establishing a safe relationship and environment. I also help you monitor your discomfort and upset so that you are not re-traumatized. With these parameters, we can then begin to explore your thoughts, images, sensations and other aspects of experience.


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